H2B* and I are so excited!  Interest in A Warwickshire Wedding has really accelerated in recent weeks and we’ve now passed the 2000 hits mark.  Amongst our visitors are those from Ireland, Iceland and Japan.  As I sit here, curled up on the sofa tapping away, I am staggered to think that these words are likely to be read by people across  the globe.  Thank you all so much for dropping by!

I’m sorry that it’s been a while since I posted anything but be assured that I’ve not forgotten you.  On the contrary, H2B and I have been very busy indeed pursuing new opportunities and creative avenues.  Last weekend we decided to expand A Warwickshire Wedding’s boundaries and go on tour to Bridgnorth in rural Shropshire where we met up with proprietor Jennifer Bone at My Little Wedding Shop.  I had a wonderful time talking to her about her venture and H2B exercised his artistic and technical skills by taking on the role of cameraman.  Rather than release the entire recording in one piece, we’ve decided it’s better savoured slowly in bite size portions.  So over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a series of short clips, each one of which will focus on a different aspect of Jennifer’s work at My Little Wedding Shop.  And  to whet your appetite of what’s to come, we’ve put together a clip of visual highlights.  We  hope you enjoy watching this Harebrained Production every bit as we did creating it.

*For the avoidance of doubt, H2B stands for ‘Husband-to-be’ . Mr Moore, my H2B, expressed some disquiet at the prospect of been mistaken for a pencil so I thought I should clarify.