When, less than a fortnight ago, I decided to have a go at writing a wedding blog, I resolved that my posts would be factual affairs, sprinkled with a light dusting of humour and good dollop of self-depreciation. And yet here I am writing my second blog and feeling quite unable, and indeed unwilling, to stem the big wave of emotion that I’m feeling for all you lovely people out there who are expressing such interest in our wedding plans. In the short time since announcing the wedding date we’ve received so many congratulatory messages as well as being treated to the yummiest celebratory afternoon tea at Birmingham’s City Cafe (fig 1), a special jar of personalised homemade jam (fig 2) and a ‘congratulations on setting the date’ italian meal which included the most amazing Nigella Lawson Irish cream Tiramisu, (no fig – sorry Nigella, Clare and Steve, I forgot to take a pic). We knew people would be pleased to hear our news but neither of us had expected such enthusiasm.

Fig 1. The finest afternoon tea in town

Fig 2. Feeling jammy!

Now I know that there is an argument, a good argument indeed, for jetting off and getting married somewhere exotic. That would certainly be a whole lot cheaper and, in some ways, a bit more romantic because it would enable John and I to focus exclusively on one another. But if we did that (which we’re not going to – so no need to suspend the hat-buying trip) I think I’d be blogging ‘wish you were here’ type posts all day. That’s because, for us, our wedding day won’t just be about celebrating our love for one another, it’ll also be about celebrating the love expressed to us by the family and friends who share in our quirky world and who will genuinely be delighting in our joy as I walk down the aisle towards my husband-to-be. It’s giving me goose bumps of the very nicest kind just thinking about it.

Anyway, enough of all this sentimental stuff. Log on again soon to meet Mrs Johns who will be accompanying me on that spine tingling walk . . .