Happy New Year!  I’ve got a couple of really exciting bits of news to share with you.  The  first is that over the Christmas period www.awarwickshirewedding.com welcomed its 1000th visitor and since then has notched up a further 50 hits. So huge thanks to everyone for popping in so regularly to see how our Warwickshire wedding is shaping up.

The second piece of news is even more exciting.  I’m not just a blogger bride.  I’m a guest blogger bride!  To my absolute delight, I will be contributing, from this day forward (now where have I heard that sentence before??), to a fab site called http://www.english-wedding.com.   Jam- packed with gorgeous images of real life weddings, valuable insights and useful information it can’t help but inspire and delight.  Even if you’re not planning a wedding, I can almost guarantee that seeing all the lovely happy photos will provide you with the perfect antidote to those post-Christmas blues.  In fact, I think I might just pop over there now – are you coming with me?  Go on, you know you want to!