If Harebrained Productions trailer of the delights to be savoured within My Little Wedding Shop has left you hungry for more and you just can’t wait until the start of our mini-series, have no fear! Ever mindful of the emotional wellbeing of my readers and not wanting to leave you salivating for too long, I thought I’d serve up an appetizer of the audio-visual feast to come.

Fig 1. Jennifer Bone with one of her own creations at My Little Wedding Shop

Passing by My Little Wedding Shop, it’s well-nigh impossible not to press your nose against the glass window and stare in wonder at the manifold delights to be found within this wonderful wedding emporium.   For your gaze will be met with an eye-wateringly beautiful array of romantic dresses, elegant shoes, exquisite fabric floral bouquets, tasteful lingerie and gorgeous hair ornaments.

But for proprietor Jennifer Bone, a trained costumier, who designs her own dresses as well as selling those of Lyn Ashworth, the goods for sale are only part of the story. Having been a bride herself, Jennifer knows that choosing The Dress calls for an extra special retail experience and to that end she places great emphasis on ensuring that the atmosphere at My Little Wedding Shop is warm and convivial. Brides-to-be are given the run of the shop for as long as they wish and during their visit will be offered a cup of tea and one of Jennifer’s homemade biscuits or cakes – all served on the prettiest bone china.  It’s a lovely touch that is guaranteed to soothe any of those jagged pre-wedding nerves that all of us B2B have from time to time.

That said, make no mistake, the environment may appear relaxed and Jennifer easy-going, but the attention to detail and level of customer care is second-to-none. And Jennifer skills aren’t just creative.  She also has considerable project and event management experience which she draws upon to offer brides-to-be a comprehensive wedding planning service.

But you don’t need to take my word for it because just as soon as our mini-series comes out of final production at Harebrained Studios* you’ll be able to see My Little Wedding Shop and hear Jennifer being interviewed for yourself.  Watch this space because it really is coming soon . . . honest.

* Situated in a small space located between the edge of the sofa and sitting room window