I acknowledged a long time ago that I had strayed out of the ‘exhibits great attention to detail’ classification into its near neighbour: ‘slightly obsessive personality type’.  But when I found myself ordering five litres of dried white hydrangea petals from the very excellent The Real Flower Confetti Company to match my bouquet and making a mental note to ask our guests to refrain from bringing their own confetti, it did occur to me that I might be dangerously close to that even less attractive behavioural bracket of ‘complete control freak’.

That thought continued to perturb me as I scoured the Internet for confetti cones in a coppery colour to echo the bronzed beech leaves which will surround my bouquet of white hydrangeas.  The Internet is certainly awash with confetti cones but the colour palette seems to restricted to white, ivory and pastel tones.

Determined not to admit defeat, I decided to have a go at a bit of bridal DIY and set to work with a confetti cone template I’d stumbled across on the internet and a sheet of nice thick paper in a lovely rich coppery colour.

But the Confetti Cone Challenge didn’t bode well from its inception: just trying to print out the template onto white A4 paper caused the normally reliable printer to jam. Even after H2B had applied his superlative un-jamming skills to extract the rather crumpled template and I had carefully cut and folded the paper as per the instructions, I was no nearer to having anything that resembled a confetti cone than when I had started.

At that point, I sought respite in a little bespoogling.  And what I rewarding bespoogle it was! In no time at all I had found the marvelous Bespoke Confetti which makes bespoke confetti cones and well as the actual confetti to fill them. It’s not just the product that’s great -the customer service is pretty top-notch too. Within a couple of days of sending an email query, I arrived home to find an envelope waiting for me that contained no less than 10 beautifully packaged sample papers – all free of charge!   Now that’s what I call excellent customer service and it just goes to show that being a control freak does get results and bring rewards.

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Fig. 1. Samples of cone paper from Bespoke Confetti