A few weeks ago H2B revealed something that left me feeling more than a little perturbed.  He told me that he’s having difficulty sleeping. Whilst I am naturally concerned that he’s missing out on his beauty sleep, it’s the reason for his insomnia that’s really shocked me.  Now at this juncture you could be forgiven for thinking that his sleepless nights are being caused by (a) a deep-rooted fear of commitment (b) anxiety regarding the mounting costs of our wedding or (c) horror at the prospect of our first dance ending up on YouTube.  But no, Mr Moore’s sleeplessness is being caused by something entirely different; namely his wife-to-be’s newly acquired habit of noisily grinding her teeth together.

Now for all you B2B who are at the start of the wedding planning process please don’t be alarmed. Much of my anxiety is self inflicted: the result of being an obsessive perfectionist with an almost pathological tendency to construct unrealistic expectations which, quite frankly, create undue tension and unnecessarily high levels of stress.  Oh, and then there’s the small matter of my having been made redundant two weeks ago.  It was expected but even so, trying to identify the way forward is a pressure I could do without right now.  But this is a wedding blog, so we’ll not stray into that realm of Mrs Moore-to-be’s life.  I only mention it because I wanted to reassure all you B2B that there’s absolutely no reason to suppose that you will end up needing to wear a gum shield, which is about as attractive as teeth grinding is romantic.

That said, I’m coming to realise that all of us B2B do have to accept that the wedding planning path, like that of true love, does not always run as smoothly as the glossy bridal magazines might lead us to believe.  There are bound to be pot holes along the way, the odd diversion here and there, and even the need to make a complete U-turn.  So tune in next time and I’ll share with you some of A Warwickshire Wedding’s lows which will, hopefully, render the highs even higher!