I bet you’ve been thinking I’m so ensconced in my new marital status as Mrs Moore that I’ve forgotten all about A Warwickshire Wedding and have reneged on the promise I made to you last time to share some of our wedding day highlights.  Well, you’ll be pleased to know that nothing could be further from the truth and I am only putting that particular post on hold pending the arrival of our professional photographs from our photographer extraordinaire Tony Rabin.

But rather than keep you hanging around, I thought I’d ‘leap-frog’ over all the wonder and joy that constituted our wedding day and tell you why my husband and I (humour me please, I just love saying that!) are almost as occupied with A Warwickshire Wedding  now as we were prior to 6th October.

When we last met, I told you that none of the fears with which I had been beset prior the Big Day actually materialised.  But unfortunately that doesn’t mean that our wedding day progressed without a hitch.  Far from it.  You might have noticed that in my previous post I described stepping out of the vintage Rolls Royce at All Saints Church, Sherbourne, into six hours of nuptial perfection.  I expect that most readers, unaware that our wedding service started at 2pm, skated over the word ‘six’ or simply assumed that we didn’t have an evening reception and departed immediately after our wedding breakfast.  But that wasn’t the case at all.  Having booked Gypsy Spirit, a gypsy jazz, band we were very much looking forward to spending time with our friends and relaxing after the some of the more formal aspects of the day prior to departing at about 10.30pm after a firework finale.

But it was a case of the best laid plans of mice and men because shortly after the wedding breakfast had finished, my elderly mother-in-law was suddenly taken ill.  Thankfully, the cause of her semi-collapse seems to have been little more than over-excitement and too much rich food in a warm room, but the hour it took for the ambulance to arrive and for the medics to provide this reassurance, was a tense one for us all.  Seeing the look on my new husband’s face change from an unprecedented level of confident exuberance to horror and concern was truly dreadful.  Even when, to our huge relief, it was clear that nothing was seriously wrong, it was impossible to bounce back to our earlier high.  We switched onto auto-pilot mode for the rest of the evening as we tried, unsuccessfully, to get everything back on track.   I won’t bore you with the details but from our perspective it was a bit of a shambles and so very different from what we had anticipated.

Fig. 1. The Brasserie, Leamington Spa 
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And yet from out of the ashes of our disappointment the Phoenix of opportunity has emerged: it’s John’s ‘big’ birthday next summer and we’ve decided to celebrate by recreating the party we planned for our wedding but this time at The Brasserie in Leamington Spa.  I plan to wear The Dress, we’ll feast on the uncut tier of our wedding cake, our good friend DJ Wookie will spin the decks and together we’ll turn back time and party like it’s 6 October 2012!