In my quest to find the right wedding photographer for A Warwickshire Wedding I scrutinised scores of photographs in the wedding galleries of numerous websites and even though they were all in public viewing areas, I started to feel something akin to being a ‘virtual gate-crasher’ at other people’s weddings. I also started to feel ‘punch drunk’ by the loveliness of all the images which flashed up on my screen, so much so, that I found it well-nigh impossible to rank one wedding photographer above another. That was until I found Tony Rabin’s website.

As soon as I loaded his wedding photographs I knew that I’d found exactly the style of photography that we wanted for our wedding. For here was a photographer capable of looking down the lens and capturing not just a sense of occasion and emotion, but also of personality and place. In one photograph Tony had used a bokeh technique so that the foreground, containing a top hat and bridal bouquet, was sharply in focus, whilst the bride and groom in the background, together with a VW Beetle and Camper Van, were deliberately blurry and soft-edged, rendering the image playful and quirky.  In another photograph of a couple kissing in front of an ornately carved church entrance, he had crated a sense of drama, verging on the baroque, through clever use of lighting.

Whilst Tony Rabin’s website convinced us that he had the technical ability and artistic approach we were looking for in a photographer, it wasn’t until we actually met him that we knew he also had exactly the right personality to make him the man for the job:  warm and affable balanced with those key qualities needed to organise large groups of people: assertiveness and self-confidence.

Our judgment was not misplaced and we were absolutely delighted when we visited Tony’s Derbyshire studio to view our photographs the February following our wedding. We loved the mix of traditional group photos (great for sending to relatives who hadn’t been able to share the day with us), with more artistic compositions, as well as images which fall into the category of ‘reportage’ and told the story of our wedding day in pictures.  So without further ado, I’ll stop talking and hand the floor over to Tony’s gorgeous photos which demonstrate his skill and talent far more effectively than any number of words could ever do.

Traditional group photos


Fig.1. Mr Moore and his brand new wife.  Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.2. Outside All Saints Church with Rev. Cathy Davies.  Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.3. Meet the family. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.4. The biggest group photograph of all. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.

Artistic compositions


Fig.5. Filtered light renders this image an almost ethereal quality. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.6. A strong sense of place is conveyed by the composition of this photograph. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.7. The movement and drama being played out in the background painting gives emphasis to the harmony and happiness conveyed by us, the happy newly weds.  Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.8. Beautiful use of shadow and light create a ‘stolen kiss’ sort of an atmosphere. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.

Reportage style


Fig.9. Catching the moment we exchanged rings. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.10. Phew! We’re married! Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.11. Greeting an old friend in the ‘welcoming line’. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.


Fig.12. Inspired by The Two Ronnies, we gave a joint speech. Copyright Tony Rabin Photography.

So, on that note, it’s ‘goodnight’ from me, and it’s ‘goodnight’ from him!