If I told you I was feeling a little embarrassed, I wonder what you would think?  Perhaps you might erroneously jump to the conclusion that I am about to confess at having engaged in some sort of riotous hen-night behaviour.  Fear not.  My hen-night isn’t until September and MoH is under strict instructions to organise an afternoon and evening of refined and tasteful entertainment.  My former colleague and friend, Mr Lowry, had the audacity to ask whether MoH was arranging male strippers and popcorn.  I soon put him right on that score. It beats me how he can have sat next to me at work for so long and yet still not know that I don’t like popcorn.

No, my embarrassment isn’t about anything I have done.  It’s about what I haven’t done.  For I am painfully aware that have neglected you of late and haven’t shared any of my wedding related news for several weeks.  And as a consequence, my feelings as I write this are similar to those I experience when I have failed to phone an old friend for far too long.  There is a sense of awkwardness and a need to justify my silence.  But, of course, such explanations aren’t necessary at all because true friends are always just pleased to hear from one another and relieved to know that all is well.  So I am hoping that as you clicked on A Warwickshire Wedding and saw a new post waiting to be read, your reaction was one of delight and not of irritation at my having kept you waiting so long.  Thank you for coming back.

Over the last few weeks I have given the relationship between A Warwickshire Wedding and you, my reader, some serious thought.  As a result of my musings, I have come to the conclusion that things are going to have to change round here.  From this day forward (where have I heard that before??), I am going to dish up bite-sized posts for your delectation rather than my usual offerings which take far too long both to prepare and to digest.

So without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter: namely the third part of A Warwickshire Wedding on Tour.  In this episode, the talented Jennifer Bone discusses the wedding planning service offered by My Little Wedding Shop.  You’ll notice that she uses the word bespoke and talks about helping couples to tailor their wedding day so that it reflects their personality and interests.  It’s a theme that is close to my own heart and one which I will be exploring over the next week or two.  But until then, it’s over to Mrs Bone.  Take it away Jenny!