When writing a post I always try to amuse and entertain.  But not today.  Today is about putting things into perspective.  Whilst we all know that decisions such as the typeface on the invitations or the choice of wedding favours are hardly life and death matters, sometimes it takes a real life and death situation to remind us of that fact.  Like waking up this morning to news of the terrible accident that occurred on the River Avon yesterday when a boat capsized having gone over the weir at Barford in Warwickshire.  A man and his young son were killed and two other children are hospitalised. We don’t know the family involved but Barford is in the same parish as Sherbourne, where we are to marry, so we feel some sense of connection with the local community.  And as we think of the suffering of those who are involved in this tragedy, we are made mindful that what really matters in this life is those we love and that everything else is peripheral.