Last week, in our third instalment of A Warwickshire Wedding on Tour, Jennifer Bone told us a little about the wedding planning service offered by Shropshire-based My Little Wedding Shop.  If you’ve had chance to watch the interview, you might remember that Jennifer talked about supporting brides and their grooms to customize elements of their Big Day so that it expresses what’s special and meaningful to them as a couple.   Professional Wedding Planners, like Jennifer Bone, are well placed to do this because they have access to a wide network of contacts upon whom they can call to create a bespoke item or tailor a particular service.

But whilst it’s great to have a Wedding Planner, you don’t have to employ a professional to ensure that your wedding is infused with lots of highly individual touches.  The huge range of craft items now available, both in the shops and online, that enable B2B to design and create all things wedding related that are as beautiful as they are unique.   That was certainly the route I planned on taking we when embarked upon our wedding planning journey last summer.

Back then, I was absolutely convinced that I could make pop-up wedding invitations and enthusiastically set to work with a glue stick, sheet of paper and a pair of scissors.   It soon became clear, however, that whilst I had the both time and patience required for this task, I was sadly lacking in the skills required.  Manual dexterity has never been one of my strong points.

Looking back, that was the moment when I started to bespoogle. No that’s not a typo.  It’s a Mrs Moore-to-be made up word.  Can you guess what it means?   A prize awaits the first person who hits the nail on the head.  You’ve got until Monday morning to send me your suggestions. Tune in then and all will be revealed!