Over the last few weeks sources have noticed that Mrs Moore has been even less enthusiastic about housework than is usually the case, preferring to spend many hours tapping away at the computer rather than engaging in domestic chores.  This, together with an increased level of activity in the ‘Drafts’ section of A Warwickshire Wedding, has led to speculation that the Blog is poised to return to the blogging block.


Fig. 1. Is it about time for A Warwickshire Wedding to make a comeback?

Official sources have refused to either confirm or deny that this is the case but conspiracy theorists are fuelling rumours that an announcement will be made on Sunday 6th October, exactly 365 days since a certain event took place at All Saints Church in Sherbourne, Warwickshire.

The accuracy of this information cannot, at this stage, be determined.  So followers of the Blog must wait, with bated breath, to find out whether A Warwickshire Wedding really is about to make a comeback.


Fig.2. Like Mr Moore waiting in the church, followers of A Warwickshire Wedding will just have to be patient . . .