Meeting people whose paths we would otherwise never have crossed was one of the best bits of organising A Warwickshire Wedding. We particularly enjoyed working with small-scale suppliers, many of whom had chosen to give up the security of a ‘regular’ day job in order to pursue their creative passion. It wasn’t just their skill which inspired us, it was the degree to which they genuinely cared about making our dreams come true. Theirs was a professionalism infused with emotional commitment which made them feel more like friends than suppliers. Indeed, we have forged a genuine friendship with both Tony Rabin, our marvellous photographer, and the equally marvellous James White of James White Hair, whose ability to cajole unruly locks into wedding day crowning glories so impressed the judges at the UK Wedding Industry Awards in 2012 that they named him Wedding Hairdresser of the Year and subsequently invited him to join them on the judging panel.


Fig.1, Hair styling by James White, hair by Mrs Moore.

Having already shared Tony’s gorgeous photos with you in Say cheese and watch the birdie!, we decided it was high time to take A Warwickshire Wedding on Tour to Nottingham and shine the spotlight on James.  So without further ado, it’s over to the man himself: ladies and gentlemen, I give you James White.